Our Humble Beginnings...

Trivium was started much like any other startup, with a recurring problem and no solution in sight. Beginning in the early 1990s, entrepreneurs were seeking out guidance from our CEO to build and manage Accounting, Finance, and HR teams. These companies did not need full time resources and it was difficult to get part-time contractors to work well with each other.

An Entrepreneurial Awakening

After working on several successful exits, helping in building a venture fund, being on a prominent public company M&A team during the peak of the market, and investing in startups, our CEO continued to see the same issues arise for early to mid-stage companies in the 2000s. It was then that she decided to come up with a solution that would provide peace of mind to entrepreneurs. She began putting together a team of trusted colleagues that were specialists in particular fields with a focus on early to mid-stage companies.

Startup takes Shape

Although Trivium was officially formed in January of 2009, the founding team had been working together for several years supporting companies from inception through the acquisition stage. Since 2009, Trivium has grown organically through referrals from current and prior clients. Since our inception the goal at Trivium has always been the same: provide value, be a partner not a provider, and do for our clients what we would do for ourselves.

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